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Ohio ODPS Emergency Medical Services Grants

Grant Details:
Application Due Date: TBA



The Ohio EMS grant program has made funds available to improve and enhance EMS and trauma patient care in the state of Ohio.

Funding Areas:

First Priority

  • Training of Personnel
  • Purchase of equipment and vehicles
  • Improve the availability, accessibility, and quality of emergency medical services in this state

Second Priority

  • Research, Testing, and evaluating medical procedures related to trauma care

Third Priority

  • Causes, nature, and effects of traumatic injury
  • Educating the public about injury prevention
  • Testing injury prevention strategies

Fourth Priority

  • Research, test, and evaluate procedures that promote the re-habilitation, re-training, and re-employment of trauma victims

Fifth Priority

  • Given to entities that conduct research on, test, or evaluate one or more of the following:

    (a) Procedures governing the performance of emergency medical services in this state;
    (b) The training of emergency medical service personnel;
    (c) The staffing of emergency medical service organizations

Sixth Priority

  • Paramedic training courses seeking national accreditation

Award Details:

This is a reimbursement grant. Awards will be announced June 30.

Additional Details:

Applicants must provide an address that matches the address associated with their federal tax ID.

Applications may be completed online or by hardcopy through the mail.

Training and Equipment Guideline

Research Guidelines

Paramedic Guidelines

Online Application

Organization Information:
Organization: Ohio EMS Board
Website: http://www.ems.ohio.gov/

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Diane Walton
Contact Email: EMSGrants@dps.ohio.gov
Contact Phone: 1-800-233-0785

More Information:

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