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Rural Fire 80/20 Reimbursement Grant - Oklahoma

Grant Details:
Application Due Date: September 2015 est


General Guidelines

1. Eligible applicants are legal entities (cities, towns, fire departments or districts) under a population level of 10,000.

2. Major Categories of expenditure:

  • Fire Station Construction
  • Fire Equipment

3. Funding limits per application are:

A. $30,000 Limit of State Funds for fire station construction.

    $10,000 Limit of State Funds for purchase of fire equipment.

B. No advance payments will be made. Grant amounts may be claimed only on a reimbursement basis; 80% of expenses will be reimbursed up to the grant award amount. (Station Grant Example: Must spend $37,500 to receive $30,000 reimbursement.) Up to three (3) partial payments may be requested during the grant period.

C. Recipients can only make purchases after their fire department has been officially awarded a grant and received a copy of the State Purchase Order issued by the Department of Agriculture. Purchases prior to the State Purchase Order date will not be eligible for this grant.

D. Recipients must submit their Federal Employers Identification (FEI) number before a State Purchase Order can be issued.

4. Communities imposing strict boundary limits, which exclude rural residences logically part of the community, or using strict subscription response systems will not be eligible for funds under this program.

2014 Application

Organization Information:
Organization: Oklahoma Division of Forestry

Contact Information:
Contact Name: George L. Geissler
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (405) 522-6158

More Information:

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