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Fill out the form below for FREE customized grant help for Patient Handling projects including grant research, grant alert notices and grant application reviews from our team of grant experts. Whether you're just starting your Patient Handling project or need to add the final touches to an application, our staff of grant consultants has teamed up with Rex EMS to provide grant resources and services specific to Patient Handling. We do not guarantee funding, but will do everything we can to assist you in submitting a successful grant application.


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Note on procurement integrity is compliant with federal standards and guidance for working with departments seeking grant dollars. All assistance offered is by category and non-product specific. does not benefit from, participate in or otherwise influence the procurement process of grant awards. All assistance is product and vendor neutral to avoid any real or apparent conflict of interest. Departments seeking federal grant dollars are responsible for maintaining a conflict of interest policy in compliance with federal guidelines the standards identified in 2 C.F.R. Part 200, including maintaining adequate supporting documentation.



About Rex EMS
Safely move more patients faster with the RexONE™ Rapid Extraction system. Developed by emergency responders for First Responders, the state-of-the-art RexONE™ is the fastest and safest patient extraction device available. It can mean the difference between life and death in any emergency, especially tragic situations involving multiple patients. A single responder can move a patient up to 400 lbs. quickly and safely.

RexONE is available with a variety of tire options allowing for sand rescue, rough wilderness terrain and a braking option for descending stairways or hills. RexONE is used by EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, Hospital and commercial organizations. Built with aircraft aluminum the RexONE will withstand brutal environments commonly encountered in emergency operations.

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