Grant Assistance Testimonials

FireGrantsHelp Case Studies:

Hey Beth,

Your team helped a lot on developing the grant and reviewing some of the technical specifics.  Thank you very much.  We were awarded that grant for radio equipment.  Sweet!  Thank you so much.  Now the real work begins - making sure we purchase everything that moves our department from VHF to Tennessee Advanced Communication Network.  Very exciting!  Please send a word of thank you all of your staff.

Fire Chief Kevin Nunn
Seymour Volunteer Fire Department
Seymour, Tennessee

Eva -

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU...!!! You have no idea what this means for our organization. We've already begun the discussion regarding the applicant share and feel very confident that we'll make accepting this award a reality. Thank you again...stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

Brian Sturdivant
Petersburg Fire, Rescue, & Emergency
Petersburg, VA


Yes. We were advised that we have been awarded the full amount requested on the grant. In fact I've already placed the order for our in car cameras. Thanks for all the help!

Ed. Buchholz
Chief of Police
Centerville Police Dept

Hi Eva,

How are you? I just received this email today thought you would like to know. Once again thanks for all of your help. I hope that we may be able to work together agind and work toward getting us a grant for some extrication equipment.

Thank you,

Gene Walker
Fire Chief
Fishing River Fire Protection District
Mosby, MO

Great News!!! We received the Tyson Foods grant for $92,410!! The Tyson executive in charge of grants stated it was the most well written grant they have seen to date. They are writing us a check and we should  get it next week. I have already started the process of calling the vendor and they will be here on the 15th to fit us all. Thanks for all of your help, we are excited!!
Todd Andrews
Assistant Chief
Johnson Fire Department
Johnson, AR


Yes, we did receive the grant and we officially accepted the grant last Friday.  Thank you very much for all of your help!  This grant means so much to our small department and our members are very appreciative.  We will be in touch for further information.

Thank you,


Paul N. Tierney
Fire Chief
Beach Park Fire Department

Dear FireGrantsHelp

Yes. I recently found out that we have been fully funded and Scott reps along with our local dealer are scheduled to be at our station this Thursday morning with 4 of the new X3 backs for us to demo a use for a few weeks.  This will allow us to make sure the x3 is what we want over the older style 75.  Thank you so much for your help, and a special thanks to Ms. Schneider for everything she did. 


Lt. Chris Bassham
Commerce Fire Dept., Texas

Thank you all so much for your help with the grant! I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

It was really nice working with you all, and I hope we can do so more in the future.

Andrea Schuch
City of Cape Coral
Cape Coral, FL

We, the Coventry Emergency Squad, want to thank you and your team for all the hard work and effort you put into our grants. We were awarded everything but the training portion, and we are extremely grateful. Hopefully you'll be able to do the same for the Fire Dept.

Kyle Wearne
Coventry Volunteer Fire Company and Emergency Rescue Squad
Coventry, NY

We have just been notified from FEMA that we were awarded our AFG grant for 2012. On behalf of all the members from Mayfield Hose Co #1, I would like to thank you for your help in securing this much need grant.

Kennth Liuzo
Fire Chief
Mayfield Hose Company #1
Mayfield, PA

The Sable Altura Fire Protection District would like to thank FireGrantsHelp for their diligent work in not only helping us to write a successful grant for our bunker gear, but for the education they provided throughout the grant process as well. We can’t recommend them enough.

Rich Solomon
Captain - EMS Coordinator/TLO
Sable Altura Fire Rescue
Aurora, CO

Thanks so much to you, your team and Jerry for his professional writing and hard work he put in to make this grant a success. I shiver with the thought how we would have had to continue operations with the low manpower with a two-position engine company. Talk with you soon.

Jerry Mills
Tonopah Valley Fire District
Tonopah, AZ

The Proctorsville Fire Dept. took delivery of our new 3000gal. tanker with a 750 pump. It is a very nice unit! We would not have this truck without your help. Thank you for all your hard work.

Robert Glidden
Proctorsville Fire Dept.
Proctorsville, VT

We have a few thank you's to remember at the table when grace comes up, thanks to FireGrantsHelp!

God Bless,

Steven Kerber
Fire Chief
Regional Fire & Rescue Department
Casa Grande, AZ

I did get the application submitted and received my confirmation letter. Thank you for all your help. I really enjoyed working with your group on this grant. I think the process was very efficient and would recommend your services to anyone needing assistance with a grant. Thanks!

Brian R. Williams
Fire Chief
Webster Fire District 7
Minden, LA

Again thank you all for all of your hard work in writing our narratives for this year 2012 Safer Grant. We appreciate the time you took with us to answer our questions and the level of customer service you provide. Please forward a big thank you to Retired Chief Jerry Brant for all of his hard work on the narratives I personally enjoyed our conversation today. the grant has been submitted so crossing our finger, toes, and anything else that we are awarded this grant so we can provide community and firefighter safety.


Jerry Mills
Tonopah Valley Fire District
Tonopah, AZ

Hello Sarah,

I am happy to report my experience was a great one. I do not believe I would change anything, you kept me in the loop at all times, and had an answer when I called with a question. In my correspondence with your representatives, they treated me like I was an old friend and not just a customer!!!! Congratulations you have hit the nail on the head and have a great team.

Sincerely Thanks,

Russell Jackson
Spanish Fork Fire Department
Spanish Fork, UT

Hello Sarah,

Wow where do I begin. The support and encouragement that we have received from you was no other than amazing. The narratives that we got and the way that everything was handled was the absolute best that I have seen. Even when I called up to ask my usual "trivial" questions, you were right there to get the answer for me. This has been by far the most difficult thing I have done for our fire dept. but you and your company have made it very easy for me to get everything done. Thank you for everything you have done for us at the Longton Fire Department.


Jason Clatt
Longton Fire Department
Longton, KS

Hello Betsy,

Thanks for your help in putting everything together. I appreciate your dedication to git'r done making my job a whole lot easier.

I will keep you informed about the outcome.


Gordy Myrah
Winchuck Rural Fire District
Brookings, OR

Hello Sarah,

I want to Thank You for everything. The narratives are MUCH better than what I had. Thats why I went to a professional like yourself because I am not good at all writing grants. Thank You so much for everything you have already done for me. You have no idea how thankful I am and will be to obtain this grant.


Bill Singley
Nuremberg Community Ambulance Association
Nuremberg, PA

Dear Sarah,

Done! Thanks for all your help you all do good work! Now we wait to hear....


Marnie Grondahl
Fire Marshal
Duluth Fire Department
Duluth, MN

Dear Sarah,

We were approved for the full amount requested: $61,513.00. I will complete the request for funds page this morning. Hopefully, we will have our simulator within the next 60 - 90 days and be using it to train the next generation of EMT and Paramedics.

Thank you for the initial writing and the ongoing support of this very important project.


James A. McGee, Jr., RN
South Howell County Ambulance District
West Plains, MO

Hi Stephanie,

We did in fact receive the grant for $142,785 from AFG and are currently evaluating SCBA's. Our experience with you folks has been extremely helpful, straight-forward and painless.

Thanks again,

John Callaghan
Deputy Chief
Tonganoxie Fire Dept
Tonganoxie, KS 

Hi Sarah,

Sorry for the delay, the Chief was away. Yes the fire department was funded $400,000 for breathing apparatus tanks, and a machine to fill the tanks! The Chief and Mayor are very pleased. Thank you very much for the invaluable assistance you and your organization provided, please feel free to contact me if you would like a letter from the Chief for your files.

Robert Pistone
Haverhill Police Department
Haverhill, MA

Hi Sarah,

If you have not already heard the Hopland Fire Protection District was awarded a AFG for a new fire engine in the amount of $285,000.0. I would like to thank you, Jerry Brant and the rest of your staff for the assistance you gave me to make this possible.

Thank you again,

John Bartlett
Hopland Fire Protection District
Mendocino, CA 

Hi Sarah,

I have looked over the grant and submitted it. I personally want to thank you and your team for all the help in preparing the narratives and review of the whole grant. All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed even though I think we have an excellent application. Again thanks for all your help.

Mark Sharp
Mexico Volunteer Fire Department
Mexico, NY

THANK YOU very much.  The Squad and myself appreciates everything that you did this summer and now.

Again, thank you.

Neal Sage
Southport Rescue Squad
Southport, NC

Yes, we have found your services very helpful. We look forward to a successful grant application and working with you in the future.

 Thanks again.

Michael Pruitt, MPA, NREMT-P
Deputy Division Chief
Franklin County Public Safety
Rocky Mount, VA

Hi Sarah,
Just wanted to let you know we submitted our grant last Friday.  We would like to thank you and your staff for all your hard work.  You made this difficult process much easier for us.
Thanks again,
Sheridan Volunteer Fire Department
Las Vegas, NM


We were funded and already have the tanker – very nice! Appreciate all the help!

Linda Mabb
Readstown Fire Dept
Readstown, WI




We just checked the AFG list and we were awarded nearly $52k! Thanks for all of your help with this. Now the REAL fun begins with trying to manage the grant.

Thank you,

Chad McNabb
Hiwassee Dam Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
Murphy, NC


Last May I wrote to you, thanking you for your succinct advice - I was helping a nearby fire company write an AFG application in the 11th hour -- their 12 man Fire team needed ANSI class 3 turnout gear. Senator Mikulski's office called the department yesterday to let them know that they got 98% of their funding! I just wanted to thank you ever so much for helping us!

Thank you,

Marie Walker
Vigilant Hose Company
Emmitsburg, MD


Very Good News, the Polish American Fire Company was on the AFG 2009 list today! Thank You for all of your help.

Thank you,

John Lorah Jr.
Polish American Fire Company #4
Shenandoah, PA

Orr’s and Bailey Island Fire received a 2009 AFG award of $51,270 for 22 sets of turn out and 24 EMS jackets.  The service provided was a positive experience and resulted in a successful application. Thank you.

Thank you,

Ed Blain
Compliance Officer
Orr's and Bailey Island Fire and Rescue
Orr's Island, ME

Thanks again for helping us with the narrative, it definitely made a difference. This was the 3rd time I had submitted a grant request for gear, I think it's safe to say you writing the narrative made the difference.

Thanks again for all the help, I'm sure I will be contacting you again in the near future.

Thank you,

Chuck Ruetten
Lt. / Fire Marshal
Jackson Fire Department
Jackson, WI

Good Morning Sarah,

We are ready to rock and roll!! 

I can’t express to you and Bryan how very much your assistance has helped me in completing this grant.  Getting these firefighters back will be such a great accomplishment!!  Having a small department like ours makes things like this very personal – they are my family. 

Thanks again for all of your help!

Bridgett K. Burkhart
Office Manager
Huntington Fire Department
Huntington, IN

Hello Sarah and FGH Staff,

Just a quick thank you to you and your staff for the work they did on the Firer Station Grant for Bristol Township. With the material I submitted your staff was able to assist me with the proper writing technique needed to prepare the grant. And I just might add, a successful grant. We were notified today that we were awarded $2.2 Million dollars for the construction of a new fire station for Bristol Township.

I like to think that together with the material submitted and the expert on your end, the project was a success.

Again I appreciate everything you and your company did for our department and we look forward to moving into our new home.


Steve Craiger
Assistant Chief
Bristol Fire Department
Bristol, OH

Dear Sarah,

I would like to let you know that the Atkinson Fire Protection District was awarded $ 1.3 million dollars for the construction of a new fire station. You helped us organized and think of additional information that the grant instructions wanted.  We appreciated the help you provided in writing the narrative in a precise and informative way. 

Thanks for the help,

Dan DeSmith
Atkinson Fire Protection District Trustee
Atkinson, IL