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In this month’s eNews, Jerry Brant talks about what he learned at FDIC about the 2017 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) application scoring and review process. Jerry also provides insight on the 2017 AFG turndown letters that may have made an unexpected surprise in your email if you applied for this last cycle.

Speaking of AFG, if you are looking to apply again or for the first time in this year’s AFG cycle contact the FireGrantsHelp Team to help you get a head start on your project today!
The FireGrantsHelp Team

Understanding the AFG application process

By Jerry Brant

A number of 2017 AFG applicants got an unexpected surprise in their email yesterday. No, it wasn’t an award notice, it was a turndown letter from FEMA for the 2017 application.

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Grant Grant Deadline
Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program (DLT) 06/04/2018
Colorado Volunteer Fire Assistance Program (VFA) 06/08/2018
Idaho Firefighters Special License Plate Fund 06/22/2018
Louisiana Volunteer Fire Assistance Program (VFA) 06/29/2018
Montana Emergency Medical Services Grant Program 06/30/2018
Act 833 Fire Grant Program (Arkansas) 06/30/2018
Wichita Falls Area Volunteer Fire Department Grant 06/30/2018
Community Development Block Grant: Community Projects (CDBG Kentucky) 07/02/2018
Wisconsin Forest Fire Protection (FFP) Grant Program 07/02/2018
Telligen Community Initiative: Illinois and Iowa 07/02/2018
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