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The Knox Company

About The Knox Company
In 1975, the need for a unique rapid access product that could be utilized by fire departments during emergency response calls was born. The KnoxBox®, a high-security key lock box, was developed to provide rapid access and reduced response times, while minimizing firefighter injuries and avoiding the property damage incurred during a forced entry.

Today, this revolutionary lock box has grown into a complete system providing rapid access for public safety agencies, businesses, residences, and property owners throughout the world. The Knox Company is trusted by more than 15,000 fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and governmental entities.

In addition to the KnoxBox, the company offers locking FDC/Standpipe/Storz caps, residential lock boxes, key security devices, gate switches, padlocks, narcotics safes, elevator boxes, and remote poser shut-off boxes.

Knox products can be used with a traditional mechanical key, or with the revolutionary eLock system, which eliminates the concerns of lost keys and provides full traceability and accountability reports.

Featured Products

  • Knox HomeBox

    Knox HomeBox

  • Knox KeySecure

    Knox KeySecure

  • Knox eCore

    Knox eCore

  • FDC Locking Caps

    FDC Locking Caps

  • Knox Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm

    Knox Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm

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