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Date last updated: Saturday, December 22, 14:17 PST

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FireRescue1 readers: 10 changes we hope for

Envisioning a better future is not something that should be relegated to the changing of the calendar. But, it is still a good time reflect on where we are and where we'd like to be. And in that spirit we asked FireRescue1 readers what one change they hope to see come over the fire service in 2013. Here are the top 10 answers; leave your thoughts at the bottom.

"Training standards and enforcement of training standards. Leadership that leads by example, not by title." — Andrew Erdley

"Let's not lose a single firefighter in an abandoned building!" — Steve Reason

"More people trained in fire prevention." — Bob Sully

"How about halogen bars and axes on our engines, or to make minimum wage, or brake lights on our engines? Be good to start off with that." — Ethan Smith

"Less LODDs due to members driving too fast. Speed does not save lives!" — Warren Glazer

"Four on a truck company in my department." — Thomas Connolly

"I would like to see more of my fellow volunteer firefighters commit to physical fitness, for the welfare of us all. Let's all get in better shape for each other." — Zachary DeLany

"Detroit firefighters take their city back." — Mark Hughes

"Less fires, less arsons." — Junior Young

"I want the brotherhood to become better. It seems like we only care about each other when a brother passes now a days." — Nick Pittock

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